Two pocket apix

Two pocket thinking

Two pocket thinking

The old myth that you invest and can be justified in thinking only of financial return when you invest, then think about your impact in the world only when you give. It denies the space between giving and investing; the market at the intersection of money and meaning. 

Instead of: Blended Value, where you think about things you would pay for, gladly give to, invest your money and your hopes in. Some of that value shows up on the balance sheet; some in clean water or the fact that an eight year old can go two blocks to buy a popsicle from an ice cream truck.

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Blended ValueEdit

Blended value are things you would pay for, that you would gladly give to, or that you would invest your savings or your future in. Some value shows up on the balance sheet. Some blended value shows up as clean water in your local creek, fewer miles on your lettuce with fair trade Altiplano Bolivian Quinoa still on the menu or the fact that it's safe for an eight year old to go two blocks away to get a popcycle from an ice cream truck. 

An oceansFIRST story

Fiji Mangroves to Neutritical (working title)

The story of how, working for 10 years to get the long term license for extracting a neutriceuitical that improves respiration from the pristine ecosystem resident red mangrove, Respigard may open the way to revitalize crucial mangrove swamps around the world and enable indigenous people to own their land and not have to sell it to golf course developers. 

An oceansFIRST Story

The Playa Viva Story

An oceansFIRST Story

Clayoquot fisheries UNESCO biosphere reserve, restore indigenous fisheries, kids are no longer depressed, obese and on drugs or drunk, as old culture is restored, the fishery is restored and the water around it. 

A SOCAP Health Story:

The West Oakland grandma story

A PSI story

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