Tame the Bubble Economy Edit

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Fast moving speculative dollars can over-excite investors and destabilize the economy. Slow money down a bit with Eisenhower-era limits on the financial sector and taxes on potentially dangerous high-stakes speculation and high-speed currency trading that add little to the actual productive economy.

Instead of: Allowing market volatility from speculative bubbles to disrupt the flow of needed goods and services and the lives of regular people swept up in the madness (or collaterally damaged).

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  1. Reinstate the economic regulations of Eisenhower era whic recognized limits on the financial sector. <insert ideas from Korten & others about how>
  2. tax any activity that adds little or nothing to the commonwealth but is potentially very dangerous to the commonwealth, notably high-stakes speculation (swaps, derivatives, computerized stock transactions, etc.) and high-speed currency trading. Even a miniscule financial transaction tax would not only reduce the volatility of the financial sector but raise billions for improving and sustaining the commons.

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