About the Starter DeckEdit

This starter deck will be available to anyone who wants to use it in conversations and workshops exploring economic alternatives. The aim is a well rounded deck that can generate conversation amongst people from a wide range of political persuasions and familiarity with these ideas.

Anyone is welcome to create their own deck for discussion or other activities using whatever cards they like or wish to develop (so long as the creative commons license is honored) but this starter deck is a quick point of access.

The starter deck is 80% complete. It does not need to be perfect. There are blank cards intentionally. The lack of "completion" can be (and has been) used as a clear invitation for participant co-creation. There will likely be future iterations and other packaged new economy decks.

If you would like a pdf of the current starter deck in order to print out cards for a workshop please send a note to neweconomycarddeck *at* gmail *dot* com. 

2/1/15 NOTE: The pdf does NOT have images at this time. We have removed images until we find ones with licensing compatable with the card deck's Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike. For the time being, please use your own images for the cards. Even better, please help by adding licensed and referenced images (such as from the websites here) to cards on so that we can add them to the deck. We hope to have an improved pdf with images and a more sophisticated template eventually.

For the record, this was the initial 2013StarterDeck

Starter Deck CardsEdit

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