Shrink the Monetary EconomyEdit

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The more things - child care, entertainment, health care, growing food – that we handle without money, the more we bust the myth that we need accelerating consumption for society to function.  When we freely do things together and by ourselves, we take our lives back from the money economy.

Earlier version: Take activities back out of the monetary economy by buying less, sharing and volunteering more, and recognizing the value of exchange that takes place outside of what money can buy. Take advantage of our productive capacity to recreate a vibrant society and healthy natural commons in support of an economic system that does not require accelerating consumption to function.

Instead of converting natural and social wealth into money, having to pay for what we ourselves can do, and being stuck in the rat race to get the money to keep paying...

Earlier version: Instead of: Perpetuating a system that must increasingly convert natural and social wealth into money in order to feed a requirement for monetary growth, and leads to great human hardship if growth slows.

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