Originally the Starter Deck was to have 4 suits, like standard playing cards. Through discussion Jennifer & Tom Atlee came to realize that put unnecessary limitations on it. That said, it would still be fun to develop a playing card version. Here is a rough draft of the original suits I (Jennifer) came up with (names of some cards have changed. I'll update eventually - JA 1/28/12). If I went forward with this I think it'd be fun to consider what ideas deserve high-value status (king, queen, jack, ace in standard 52 card deck of playing cards) and which are supporting...


N1 Price Energy Accurately
N2 Polluter Pays Principle
N3 Pay for Depleting the Commons
N4 Reward Resource Productivity
N5 Recognize the Natural Economy
N6 Some Things are Not Substitutable
N7 Invest in the Commons


P1 Tame the Bubble Economy
P2 Put Corporations in Their Place
P3 Ecological Tax Reform (Tax Shifting)
P4 Debt Forgiveness as A Policy Tool
P5 Eliminate Profit from Ownership
P6 Social Dividend
P7 Currency for Exchange, Not Accumulation


I1 Measure What Matters
***I2 Every Purchase is A Vote
I3 Shop Less, Live More
I4 Less Work, More Fun
I5 Degrow the Monetary Economy
I6 Share the Pie
I7 Steady State Economy


C1 State and Community Banks
C2 Cooperatives
C3 Grow Resilient Local Economies
C4 Value Basic Needs
C5 Reinvent Health Care
C6 Regrow the Gift Economy
C7 Local Currency for Local Economies

FINANCE/ACCOUNTING (possible additional category being considered - for a real deck of cards, these need to be part of another suit..perhaps INDIVIDUAL/INFORMATIONAL)

F1 Microlending
F2 Community Development Banks
F3 Life Cycle Costing
***F4 Local Credit Clearing Systems