Pay for Depleting our CommonwealthEdit

Note: On the Mar 2015 cards, this card is titled "Compensate Citizens for Depletion"

Generate public payment, not private profit, from depletion of our common wealth. Citizens are entitled to compensation for acts of extraction that use up fossil fuels, forests, and fisheries that are our common heritage.  They do this in Alaska now. Each citizen gets a dividend check from state oil revenues.

Instead of companies profiting from selling back to us the natural wealth that we rightly own. Citizens pay many times over for the use, depletion, and spoilage of that common heritage.

Note: Earlier version had "compensation for depletion of the natural, technological, and intellectual foundation that is our common heritage. Stakeholders, not stockholders, should get the dividend check." And the "Instead of" section mentioned "natural and and intellectual wealth."

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